• May 17, 2021

Day 0 – Portfolio #1 – Top 400 US stocks

The object of this portfolio is to invest 20k USD in top 400 of US stocks. The rules will explain a bit further in this post.

In order to minimise the impact of the human interference, I’ll be using my home made bot (named Solution123) to suggest stocks to buy or sell. However, the human is also there and I will always make sure the suggestions make sense.

I will also follow these rules in order for reasons of my own. I feel confidend in my choices, but I feel safer following some rules.

Rule #1 : Invest a maximum of 500$ per day. This will allow me to show investment progress during this experiment.

Rule #2 : Always have a minimum of 20 different stocks in the portfolio. Since I will only buy 1 stock everyday, this rule only applies once I reached 20 stocks in my portfolio. Once I get to 20 different stocks, I’ll be able to buy more of the stocks I own.

Rule #3 : None of my stock should go over 10% of my portfolio once and after I reach day 20.

Rule #4 : Once I’ve invest the whole 20k, I will start selling stocks to buy stocks. That’s where the fun begin.

Rule #5 : I can sell stocks anytime when it doesn’t meet Solution123 expectation anymore.

Rule #6 : I won’t sell or buy stocks just for the fun of it. It’s possible there’re no transactions some days.

Simple enough.

By the way, in no way I suggest you follow my choices. I don’t consider myself an expert. Always do your own researches before investing. All of this is for educationnal purposes.

Eric A.

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