• May 20, 2021

Who and what am I?

I’m Eric Audet, too old to say I’m young and too young to say I’m old. But I have a great life! I have a nice family. I’m proud of my wife and my 5 chrildren. Yes 5! They are older now. And since a few years, I could start investing. And guess what, I like that!

My career so far :

I’ve been in the IT field since forever; my whole career. I’ve learn alot and still do.

I’ve started my career with a federal agency for 13 years. I then started my own company (online games) which I kept 8 long years. Somewhere in my career, I’ve been a consultant and worked on the other side of the globe.

No, thats not it. After I closed my company, I decided to return to a more stable job. I worked for the city in an expert role. Four years and 2 promotions later, I got an offer for in the collegial field as the leading manager for the IT department.

That’s it and very happy at my current position.

Investing background :


I’ve started investing about 2 years ago and more seriously a year ago. I’m self taught, so I learned quite a bit.

I also learn alot with mistakes, and I did quite alot initially. But with small amounts 🙂

What do I know? :

I’m no expert, but I’ve spent hours learning, reading, watching videos, understanding technicals, trying different type of trading, and investing. I’m no expert, but I could teach many people some concepts.

I’m also knowing enough to know that 2020 was exceptionnal. Everyone who invested in april has made lots!

I can’t wait a good crash to really test my strategies and my capacity to adjust my portfolios.

Where do I find the time? :

That’s why I’ve programmed my bot, Solution123. It does all the job overnight and in the morning, I just need to send orders that are highlighted by the bot.

Yes, programming is fun! Investing is fun!

Did you read it all?

Eric A.